EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: ‘He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse,’ #3

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He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse #

DC Comics offered an exclusive preview of the upcoming issue of He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse #3 (of 6). The miniseries is written by Tim Seeley, with art by Dan Fraga and Richard Friend, and cover art from In-Hyuk Lee.

After the scourge of Anti-Eternia is unleashed on the Multiverse, devastating each version of Eternia and stealing its power, He-Man assembled a ragtag team of surviving He-Men. Together, over the course of the past two issues, the He-Men work to recruit the one man in existence who might save them: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor.

Now, in He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse #3, Prince Keldor’s pursuit of Anti-He-Man leads him and the He-Men of alternate worlds to an Eternia conquered by Skeletor, where they must team with unlikely allies to save Castle Grayskull! The series features the fan-favorite world and characters of the 2002 Masters of the Universe cartoon and toy line.

“With multiple He-Mans working together from different dimensions to save the multiverse, this series created in partnership with the expert writers and illustrators from DC Comics will be sure to delight new and old fans alike, while adding an entirely new dimension to the Power of Grayskull,” said Rob David, VP of Mattel. 

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse #3 is available in comic book stores everywhere and online through ComiXology using our affiliate link January 15, 2020. The issue retails for $3.99.