Hero Collector Debuts New Range Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Chibi Merchandise

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Ghostbusters Chibi

Hero Collector, designers, manufacturers, and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across pop-culture, cracks open the containment field to reveal a new range of Ghostbusters Chibi merchandise: fun pin badges, t-shirts, and socks, decorated with Ghostbusters art in the distinctive chibi-style of small, cutesy caricatures!

The new range includes a whopping 19 all-new pin badge designs, including all four original Ghostbusters: Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston, as well as Janine, Louis, and Dana! Their gear gets the same treatment, with the Fire House, the Ghost Trap, and four different Ecto-1 designs. And what would the Ghostbusters be without these six iconic ghosts – Slimer, the Library Ghost, Gozer, a Terror Dog, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Vigo the Carpathian!

Ghostbusters Chibi

Fans who want something spooky in their shoes can also grab three new pairs of Ghostbusters Chibi socks. Decorated by the Ecto-1, Slimer, or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, these socks are 80% cotton and as soft as a Stay Puft!

Finally, you can put together your own ghost-busting uniform with six new chibi-style Ghostbusters t-shirt designs, featuring characters and quotes from the original movie. Take on the form of the Destructor with a Stay Puft shirt or emblazon yourself with the ever-relatable “Gotta run, got a date with a ghost”!

These new Ghostbusters Chibi pin badges, socks, and t-shirts will all be exclusively available on the Hero Collector webstore on Friday 13th, March 2020 – in addition to the Hero Collector’s range of Ghostbusters figurines. These special merchandise items and figurines are available for sale only in conjunction with the subscription series Build The Ecto-1 .

Fans and collectors should stay tuned for more details about Hero Collector Ghostbusters merchandise, including even more upcoming Ghostbusters Chibi merch.