Episode 134: Picard Matters…But Why Tho?

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Picard Matters

In honor of the CBS All Access wrapping its first season of Star Trek: Picard, we decided to devote an entire episode to why Jean-Luc Picard matters. In this episode, Kate brings us through the creation of the character and all the red tape and stereotypes that went with it. We break down how the bald British classically trained actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, went from the person likely to play Data, to the man who defined a new kind of masculinity and leadership. To do this, we compare him to the rest of the Captains in the Star Trek pantheon and explain why no one, truly, leads like Picard.

Additionally, we break down some of the ground breaking stats that Star Trek: The Next Generation has, why Picard went from “no one would be attracted to him” to one of the top “sexiest Star Trek characters of all time,” and we even get into a discussion as to why it was important to see the continuation of his story in this new series. Walking down memory lane and getting in “best captain” debates along the way, we detail why Picard matters with the help of Aaron, host of the Nerd Social Club podcast and writer for our very own bwt.jairoj.cl.

If you still haven’t finished Star Trek: Picard, no worries! We don’t go into any spoilers on the season that aren’t readily available via trailers and promotional material. We also don’t begin talking about this series until the very end of the show, so go in without fear.

Also, if you’re looking to get started, all episode of Star Trek: Picard are currently free via CBS All Access.
If you’re looking to pick up a subscription, grab one with our affiliate link!


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