Megan Thee Stallion X Crunchyroll Streetwear Line Avaialble Now

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Crunchyroll Loves is the in-house streetwear line from the world’s most popular anime brand and today it’s taken a savage turn. Crunchyroll announced a Crunchyroll Loves streetwear collection that was created alongside Megan Thee Stallion earlier this week and will be available for pre-order from today (July 9th) to July 20th.  In case you weren’t aware, Megan Thee Stallion is a vocal anime fan, from her photoshoots as Todoroki to her raps about Naruto, she’s one of the most popular faces of anime in the United States and pop culture right now.

This collection features six exclusively designed pieces that include two t-shirts, two hoodies, one long-sleeve shirt, and one tote bag. She collaborated closely with the Crunchyroll team to create and design her very own Crunchyroll Loves collection. This collection captures the animated glory of the official “Savage” music video. But make sure you head on over to Crunchyroll now because these collaboration pieces are only available for purchase during the pre-order window.

Seeing Megan Thee Stallion embraced by Crunchyroll both in a recent interview and through this collaboration showcases her power in the space and how she is bringing anime fandom to new heights. Hot Girl Summer and weeb summer have united for the ultimate collection celebrating both Megan Thee Stallion and anime all in one.

The collection is available for pre-sale now exclusively on the Crunchyroll Store here.