REVIEW: ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire,’ Episode 9

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire
Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 is published by Serial Box, written by Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Sam Beckbessinger, Zoe Quinn, Elsa Sjunneson, and narrated by Fryda Wolff. With her office having been raided by Shaw’s cronies’ last episode, Jessica must try to pull herself together to figure out what her next move is. And while she should probably give her body a moment to stitch itself back together, that just wouldn’t be our Jessica. After all, there ain’t no rest for the wicked…

Flinging dumpsters and being bounced off brick walls is just another day in the life of Marvel’s most hard-luck detective. But with Shaw sending meta-human muscle after her, Jessica’s previous suspicions seem to be confirmed. Shaw is somehow involved in Jamie’s death.  Now it’s just figuring out how. Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 sees our titular detective make some big steps in that pursuit.

The opening moments of this episode deal with the immediate aftermath of her failed confrontation with Shaw’s goons. Despite her invulnerability, she is banged up pretty bad. And what’s worse, Shaw’s attitude gives her the distinct impression that he is toying with her. While having one’s life treated like a game would be upsetting for anyone, it is even worse for Jessica. As this feeling reminds her of a past encounter. One that is largely responsible for many of her current issues. As this comparison is made, Jessica’s world quickly begins to slip out of her control. at first, there is an all too real moment of panic. Luckily, she quickly remembers tips she has been given by her therapist, and with a bit of effort, is able to bring herself back under control.

As someone who has had to deal with the loss of control induced by panic attacks this sequence in Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 hits with plenty of emotional weight. How she struggles, calls to mind the tricks she has been taught, and acting on them is perfect. She even admonishes herself at one point for being mean to herself. I could completely relate. It feels so human, and so fragile. This fragility continues to keep Jessica feeling all too human. Even if she does walk away from a high speed impact with a brick wall. This serves as yet another fantastic example of this writing teams ability to humanize the super human.

While Jesica’s luck often seems fairly bad, she gets one good break to open this episode. Her already previously damaged phone survived their mutual bounce off a wall. Using the info she got off of Jamie’s phone she sets up a meeting with the ever-friendly Sam. But where could they meet that would be safe? How about a quiet little spot in Harlem? After all, Jessica has knows a guy there.

The rest of Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 follows her talk with Sam as she tries to connect the dots between the various players and places that feel connected to the case. This meeting is really excellently done. It’s filled to the brim with character, and while Jessica is her ever-charming self, Sam’s personality is truly a treasure. A truly nice person, Sam is clearly out of their depth and the introduction of alcohol to the meeting only makes their troubles worse.

With a wonderful balance of emotion, character moments, and plot development Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 is one of the highlights of the series thus far.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Episode 9 is available July 9th exclusively from Serial Box.

‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire,’ Episode 9
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