The Planet Zoo: Australia Pack is Now Available

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Planet Zoo: Australia Pack

Planet Zoo: Australia Pack , the latest PDLC for Planet Zoo, the celebrated and genre-leading zoo simulation, from Frontier Developments is now available on Steam. With Planet Zoo: Australia Pack players can revel in the natural splendor and intrigue of the Australian Outback with five iconic new animals, as well as a wealth of foliage, scenery and zoo construction pieces, all inspired by the diverse range of environments this majestic continent has to offer.

The Planet Zoo: Australia Pack welcomes five new iconic species, including the curious Koala, handsome Red Kangaroo, cunning Dingo, awe-inspiring Southern Cassowary and striking Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard as well as a wealth of new foliage, scenery and zoo construction pieces inspired by the diverse range of environments found on this majestic continent.

Free Content Update: The latest PDLC launches alongside a free content update (update 1.3) for all Planet Zoo players, featuring new genetics-driven animal color variations, the ability to multi-select members of staff for more streamlined management, new foliage, and enrichment items, and a range of additional fixes and improvements.  Read more here.

The latest PDLC for Planet Zoo is available to purchase on Steam for $9.99.

Planet Zoo: Australia Pack | Launch Trailer

Planet Zoo: Australia Pack is out now on Steam – your zoo and transport guests to …