Five Poison Ivy Comics To Read Before ‘Poison Ivy #1’

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Issue 5 Cover

In June 2022, Poison Ivy will be getting a brand new miniseries from writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Marcio Takara. But this isn’t the plant-based villainess’s first time appearing in, or headlining a series. The following is a list of five great comics to read to familiarize yourself with Poison Ivy before the release of Poison Ivy #1.

Batman: Harley and Ivy

Batman Harley and Ivy Cover

Batman: Harley and Ivy is written by Paul Dini, drawn by Bruce Timm, and inked by Timm and Shane Glines. This three-issue mini-series follows the misadventures of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Despite Harley ruining her past schemes, Poison Ivy finds herself yet again working with her in order to steal the Zombie Root- a plant that will let her control the minds of everyone in Gotham. 

This series features what can be considered classic Poison Ivy powers including communicating with plants, poisonous blood,  and the ability to control the minds of men she’s kissed. Batman: Harley and Ivy also does a great job of showcasing the relationship between the titular characters, with their back-and-forth banter and barely controlled chaos. 

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is written by Jody Houser, drawn by Adriana Melo, and inked by Mark Morales. Issue 4 was inked by Morales and Wade von Grawbadger.

When Poison Ivy died during the Heroes in Crisis event, it luckily wasn’t the end for her character. Reborn from a plant, Ivy is back and ready for action; much to the displeasure of Dr. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. Woodrue wants to become the champion of the Parliament of Flowers in order to control the Green, and therefore, the world. With her friend/on-and-off romantic partner Harley Quinn, Ivy hits the road, seeking help from former villainous allies including the Mad Hatter.

However, it’s not all fun road trip shenanigans for the two. While Ivy’s unexpected rebirth gives her some interesting additions to her powers including the ability to form spikes and body armor, she begins experiencing problems controlling her powers, and gaps in her memory.

Batman Gotham Knights  #60- 65 

Batman Gotham Knights #65 Cover

Batman Gotham Knights #60 is written by A.J. Lieberman, drawn by Javier Pina, and inked by Francis Portela. Issues #61-65, the Human Nature arc, are written by A.J. Lieberman, drawn by Al Barrioneuvo, and inked by BIT.

Poison Ivy is in Robinson Park, acting as an unofficial caretaker to the orphans living in the park. But when those same kids’ bodies begin showing up around the city,  she believes that she’s responsible. And shockingly, Ivy goes to Bruce Wayne for help. 

Gotham Knights dives into Ivy’s past, showing how she went from Pamela Isley to   Poison Ivy, the living biological weapon. And while Ivy is definitely a villain in this universe, she’s got depth to her character. She cares for the orphans because she sees herself in them. People who are alone and scared, people who have no one else looking out for them.

Poison Ivy: Thorns 

Poison Ivy: Thorns

Written by Kody Keplinger with art from Sara Kipa and colors from Jeremy Lawson, Thorns is another take on Poison Ivy’s origin story, focusing on Pamela Isley rather than Poison Ivy. Keplinger explores a series of events that lead Pamela down a dark path, leaving her humanity farther and farther behind. As she begins her villainous path. Pamela is a complex character capable of great evil, who also cares deeply for the people she’s decided are worth loving.

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death

Poison Ivey Cycle of Life and Death Cover

Written by Amy Chu, Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death has a variety of pencilers and inkers who worked on the title. The creative team includes pencils by Clay Mann, (#1-3, 5) Julio Ferreira (#4), Robson Rocha (#4), Stephen Segovia (#5), Cliff Richards (#6), and Al Barrionuevo (#6). Inkers include Seth Mann (#1-3,5), Art Thibert (#2-3,5), Jonathan Glapion (#2-3), Dexter Vines (#3), Jay Leisten (#4), Sandu Florea (#5-6), Cliff Richards (#6), and Ethan Van Sciver (#4).

Similar to her story in Gotham Knights, and Thorns, this paints Ivy in a somewhat sympathetic light. She’s trying to rebuild a normal life for herself, and she’s also very lonely. Despite her connection to the Green, Ivy struggles to connect to the people around her. Not a plant, but not quite human, she feels like there’s no one she can truly relate to. 

Pamela gets a second chance at a normal life, working at a renowned lab. She’s researching the possibilities of genetic editing in plants and animals. But when her colleagues start getting murdered, she swears she has nothing to do with it, and her research is stolen, it’s time to take matters into her own hands. It’s time to let Poison Ivy out again.

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Poison Ivy #1 will be available wherever comics are sold on June 7th, 2022.