Champion Casters

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Champion Casters: A Podcast about Heroes and Craft! analyzes the motifs and themes behind your favorite film and television heroes and everything we say is in comic sans. Each week Michael Ruiz (NextEntry) and Joe Tomlin (JoukTomlin) use their writing and filmmaking knowledge to discuss famous champions across film and television. Michael and Joe met in freshman year of high school and have been inseparable friends ever since. They stuck around each other even when they moved away to college.

After graduating then spending time writing creatively and working in the film industry, Champion Casters came about as a way for Michael and Joe to flex their critical thinking skills about characters they love. The podcast lives by a philosophy that we can learn about ourselves as a culture and people through how we tell stories about heroes. We also believe King Kong should be considered a hero.

You can follow us on twitter @champion_cast or email us your thoughts and questions (we love questions about our champions) to

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(He/Him) Michael has thoughts, not always well-constructed thoughts— or well-articulated thoughts. So that’s exactly why he needs a microphone and a friend to help work through the various ponderings of craft, heroes, and fantasy. He’s currently in Los Angeles County, California, where he’ll be writing the next table-top session, episode notes, or other creative pursuits. Although, he could also be playing games, cooking, or watching anime.



(He/Him) Joe was born a nerd and will likely die a nerd. The obsession with heroics began while watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends one Saturday morning–he’s been web-slinging ever since. Currently based around Oakland, CA, when Joe’s not podcasting he’s dungeon-crawling, movie-watching, and dreaming of living on the mutant island nation of Krakoa.