Did You Have To?

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Did You Have To?

Welcome to Did You Have To? A podcast all about the badaptations of your favorite anime. We’re a bi-weekly podcast where our hosts, LaNeysha and Kate,  look at the long road of live action anime adaptions and ask the creators, did you have to? It all started with a tweet about how terrible Dragonball Evolution was and all the anime that have been adapted since. We will be reviewing everything from both the US and Japan all in an effort to crown the worst — and hopefully, find some gems along the way. Each episode is released on the first and third Fridays of the month.

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About Our Hosts


As the host of our flagship podcast, But Why Tho?, Toonami raised me and Crunchyroll sustains me. For as long as I’ve been watching animation, I’ve been watching anime. I enjoy everything from Orange and Wotakoi to Gantz and Tokyo Ghoul, with the mandatory Shonen Jump classics thrown in for a well-rounded anime diet. At the moment, my most badaptation is  Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes, this is Western animation in the style of Japanese animation but it’s so bad that it counts!) and I’m looking forward to finding out what ranks lower than this.  Beyond anime I watch pretty much any television show once, enjoy my superheroes, and if I could live in one world it would be Middle-earth. You can reach me @OhMyMithrandir on Twitter where I rant, fangirl, and just post things. You can also check out all of my articles here. With a Master’s degree in pop culture and society I try to be academic but more often than not the emotion comes out and the fangirl is unleashed.


I’m just a blerdy girl trying to get through my ever-growing list of anime, TV shows, books, and movies. I’ve always loved to watch and read things especially when it comes to anything related to my favorite fandoms. For me, watching and reading things have always been my favorite forms of escapism and to expand my imagination (because let’s face it the world can be trash somedays, but all you need is a good Hayao Miyazaki movie or an episode of American Gods to help make it better).

You can usually find me on Twitter talking about what anime is wrecking my emotions, what comic I’m excited about, fan casting a movie for Ava Duvernay to direct, or which celebrity I’m crushing on. I’m also the host of another podcast called Speak On It and So Here’s What Happened. Where I’m joined by a guest and we speak on it. The “it” being whatever they’re passionate about or interested in. Topics range from adulthood, activism, anime and much more! So if you like my voice, check it out here!