Flagship Podcast

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  But Why Tho? the podcast is a weekly pop culture podcast where hosts Kate, Adrian, and Matt talk about the things in pop culture that people say matter and ask the question but why tho? Each week they cover a variety of geek and pop culture topics. In over episodes they’ve covered comic book heroes, writers, video games, sports and more! Join us every Wednesday where take a deep dive and utilize our academic backgrounds to research your favorite topics all while bringing our fandom passion to the discussions. We know that pop culture matters and we’ll help you explain why. We’re were also featured on Feedspot’s list of “Top 40 Pop Culture Audio Podcasts & Radio You Must Subscribe and Listen to in 2019,” alongside great shows like The Read, The Ringer’s The Watch.

Kate | @OhMyMithrandir | Creator & Host Scholar by day, podcast host by night. I made an entire academic career about proving that pop culture matters. I’ve written about how video-games help the disabled community and how an image in a comic book can create an identity for people in real life. Now that I’m out of academics, I pour my love of research and pop culture in the podcast. I draw a lot on my personal experiences and that means that I often tackle some of the harder issues like race, gender, sexuality, identity and offer my academic approach to our conversation.


Matt | @Dattm18 | Host Scientist by day, gamer by night and probably the best sports trivia component to a pub quiz team ever, I’m Matt. When it comes to pop culture, the DC animated universe is top, season 1 of Arrow is the best, and where the hell is my Glades season 5? I’ve been betrayed by Netflix so many times I have to google everything before I watch them. But my real pop culture passion is video games. MOBA, RPG, sports games, FPS, card games, I can play them all, except for fighters. Just no fighters.


Adrian | @superruiz93 | Host I am just a guy who spends way too much time playing videos games, enjoys popcorn movies more than he should, owns too much nerdy memorabilia and has lots of opinions about all things pop culture. I am not getting my PhD in this genre like Kate but I love it all just the same. People often underestimate the effects of a movie, an actor, or even a video game can have on someone. I wouldn’t be where I am today without pop culture.

Jason | @Flatter_You | Producer Pop culture is cool, but have you ever tried analyzing it through a historical and cultural lens so that you can not only understand the content more deeply, but be able to apply lessons to your own life through the act of criticizing it? No? Just me? Oh… Well, your loss. When I’m not editing the