Nerds Social Club

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Welcome to the Nerds Social Club. We are a weekly pop culture podcast where hosts Ped, Aaron “Azza”, and Kris talk about all the latest news as it relates to the world of fandom!

Each episode we review the latest trailers, casting announcements, tv and movie news, and a whole host of other topics and details that nerds and geeks love to agonize over. We also cover movie, and tv show reviews – non spoiler, and spoiler discussions (don’t worry we’ll warn you!!). Every now and then, we go off the deep end and down the rabbit hole into the wildest fan theories, so keep it locked in.

We love reading and answering fan questions, theories, and comments, so get involved. Follow us on twitter @NerdsSocialClub, come chat to us on our discord channel here, or DM or email us at

About Us

Ped | @Ped7
I’m a proud Scouser, born and bred in Liverpool and a professional YouTuber (which doesn’t suck). I am a child of the 80’s and I grew up on movies like ‘The Goonies’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Ghostbusters’. It also helped that my parents owned a video store, so I got to watch everything!   I’m a huge Marvel fan, and my dog is called Loki. My favourite thing about co-hosting a podcast is taking a deep dive into future movies and creating crazy theories!



Aaron “Azza” | @BritishCPA
The ‘Nerds Social Club’ podcast allows me to geek out with my co-hosts for all the latest breaking news, trailers, casting announcements and everything in between. I love getting stuck into topics, and discussing all the details. I’m a big fan of almost anything, apart from horror (I don’t watch horror!). I’m a big believer in diversity in fandom and the stories we love, and inclusion for all. So no matter if you picked up your first comic at 40, or if you’ve only just started getting into superhero films, fandom is as much yours as it anyone’s. When I’m not podcasting, I’m also a comic reviewer for But Why Tho, check out my articles! Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @BritishCPA to talk about all things fandom.

Kris | @krislfc
I’m a married mid thirty year old Dad of 2 boys, who lives in Yorkshire England who was originally born in Liverpool. I have a degree in Media and Multimedia technologies. Part time podcaster – part time social media contributor for the Nerds Social Club. Huge fan of all things in the Nerdverse with a special place reserved for the Superhero genre.