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Get cozy — this is pixel therapy.

Pixel Therapy is a podcast about the emotional connections people form with video games. We believe that video games can serve as tools for understanding ourselves, each other, and the world around us— and we celebrate gaming in its many contexts: as a hobby; as an art form; as therapy.

Every episode, hosts Spencer Icasiano (they/them) and Jamie Siebenaler (she/her) invite a guest from inside (or completely unrelated to) the gaming industry for intimate conversations about their relationship to gaming, how gaming connects and interacts with their identities, and the meaningful ways that games have influenced their life. 

We have fun, we go deep, and we explore the love of games within a broader social and cultural context while challenging conventional notions of what it means to be a “gamer”— and who gets to call themselves one. We bring you new perspectives on video game culture and current events while centering the relationships queer folks, trans folks, people of color, disabled folks, and other marginalized players have with games. We’re the podcast where emotional intelligence is a critical stat!

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About your co-hosts

Pixel Therapy Pod is hosted by Spencer Icasiano (they/them), a queer and trans, mixed Filipinx writer and designer, and Jamie Siebenaler (she/her), a queer, white cis theatre and film professional.

Hit us up at pixeltherapypod@gmail.com with questions and comments you’d like us to read on the show, future guest recommendations, or just to say hi!