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But Why Tho? the podcast is a weekly pop culture podcast where hosts Kate, Adrian, and Matt talk about the things in pop culture that people say matter and ask the question but why tho? Each week they cover a variety of geek and pop culture topics. In 75 episodes they’ve covered comic book heroes, writers, video games, sports and more! Join us every Wednesday where take a deep dive and utilize our academic backgrounds to research your favorite topics all while bringing our fandom passion to the discussions. The podcast started as Kate was getting her PhD and constantly having to justify why popular culture and particularly comic books matter just as much as 18th-century texts. We know that pop culture matters and we’ll help you explain why.

So Here’s What Happened is a monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women LaNeysha and Carolyn, who love to watch and read a lot of things! Every episode Carolyn and LaNeysha come together to review and recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and romcoms to gritty comics and dark action-packed anime, they get into it and don’t hold back! Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the community too!

To share your reviews, watch/livetweet along with us and stay up to date on what we’ll be discussing next. Available on a podcast app or streaming service near you (except SoundCloud because that sh*t is expensive).

You can email us at SHWHPod@gmail.com, and follow the ladies on social media at @CarrieCnh12 and @La_Ney_Sha to keep but be warned, we tweet a lot.

Did You Have To?

Welcome to Did You Have To? A podcast all about the badaptations of your favorite anime. We’re a bi-weekly podcast where our hosts, LaNeysha and Kate,  look at the long road of live action anime adaptions and ask the creators, did you have to? It all started with a tweet about how terrible Dragonball Evolution was and all the anime that have been adapted since. We will be reviewing everything from both the US and Japan all in an effort to crown the worst — and hopefully, find some gems along the way. Each episode is released on the first and third Fridays of the month.

Want to watch them with us? Follow us on Twitter @DYHT_Pod  and join our movie live tweets! Grab one of our anime themed drinks, put your feet up, and get ready for some badaptations!
Do you have some suggestions for us? Hit us up on Twitter or send us an email at didyouhavetopod@gmail.com

Project T.A.H.I.T.I.

Welcome to Project T.A.H.I.T.I., it’s a magical place. It also happens to be a weekly Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap podcast hosted by Jared and Jess. We go through episode-by-episode and do a rundown of the synopsis, discuss a plethora of elements around and within the episode itself, and we top it off with a SPOILER SECTION– so if you aren’t caught up on the show yet, never fear! We’ve got you covered. It’s not recommended that you skip this section, though. Jared has an encyclopedic knowledge of comics tie-ins and character origins, and we dig into content from more recent seasons to give a richer experience for those rewatching to series. And Jess just does a lot of fangirling over Agent May and Daisy Johnson, so you won’t want to miss that. Episodes are released every Tuesday.

Follow us on Twitter, @ProjectTAHITI, and feel free to send us a DM or email (projectTAHITIpod@gmail.com) and tell us all of your AoS thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams.

We are a weekly pop culture podcast where hosts Ped, Aaron “Azza”, and Kris talk about all the latest news as it relates to the world of fandom! Each episode we review the latest trailers, casting announcements, tv and movie news, and a whole host of other topics and details that nerds and geeks love to agonize over. We also cover movie, and tv show reviews – non spoiler, and spoiler discussions (don’t worry we’ll warn you!!). Every now and then, we go off the deep end and down the rabbit hole into the wildest fan theories, so keep it locked in.

We love reading and answering fan questions, theories, and comments, so get involved. Follow us on twitter @NerdsSocialClub, come chat to us on our discord channel here, or DM or email us at nerdssocialclub@gmail.com

Welcome to Into the Spider-Cast! Your hosts CJ and Swara,  lifelong Spider-Man fans, discuss all the various webheads of the Spider-Verse on this bi-weekly podcast. From Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Cindy Moon, Jessica Drew, Miguel O’Hara, and beyond, we analyze and review every piece of Spider-Person film, tv, and comics you can think of. We also want to help you listeners get into the Spider-Fandom if you haven’t before, so come listen to us with an open mind and we’ll help you find a Spider-Verse story that speaks to you!

Follow us on Twitter @intospidercast. Email us at intothespidercast@gmaill.com!

Bear Punch Media logo with a brown bear punching to the left of the screen with the logo name written out above its fist

Bear Punch Media is a network of shows founded by Josh Silverman and Justin Stanley. After shutting down the long-running Constantly Calibrating Podcast Josh and Justin were looking for something else to do in the podcasting space, and from that Bear Punch Media was born! Much like its predecessor, BPM is built on creating passionate, interesting shows and giving voice to positive creative voices throughout all industries.

For more details on the Bear Punch Media slate of shows check out the below information. And to follow the network and keep up to date on announcements, head on over to @BearPunchMedia on Twitter.

Massively Affected - A Bear Punch Media Podcast LogoMassively Affected

Massively Affected aims to answer the question, “Why Mass Effect?”

On each episode, Josh Silverman (former host of Constantly Calibrating, and co-founder of Bear Punch Media) brings on a guest and asks them the not-so-simple question seen above. Every guest’s answer is different, and every story leads to new discoveries.


Dream Games - A Bear Punch Media Podcast LogoDream Games – Coming “Soon”

Welcome to Dream Games, where if you can dream it, we may ruin it!

Dream Games is the show where Josh Silverman, Justin Stanley, and their guests come together to workshop the games of our dreams, and hopefully not turn them into the stuff of nightmares. A Star Trek game with a Nemesis System? The ultimate Gundam rhythm game? Several games that actually became reality between the time of recording and release? We have that and more!