The Beer & Pretzel Podcast

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Beer & Pretzels

Welcome to The Beer and Pretzel Podcast! We are a tabletop actual play podcast with a focus on one-shot indie RPGs. Listen as Austen, Travis, Brad, Becky, and Carina play a wide variety of different games,  review them, and interview the game’s creator in this twice-weekly podcast.  We play every kind of genre, and our episodes come with music and sound effects to add to the atmospheric experience.

Actual play gaming episodes come out every Tuesday at 10 am,  and reviews, interviews, and our spin-off podcast Trashed Talk Podcast comes out on Fridays at 10 am.

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Austen: GM (game master) and host of The Beer and Pretzel Podcast and our spin-off show Trashed Talk Podcast. Tabletop role-playing games were crucial in making me the creative person I am today. Without my early introduction to D&D, I’m not sure where my influence for writing and world-building would come from.  And like my love for independent movies compared to the next Hollywood reboot or sequel, I’ve come to prefer checking out the thousands of great indie RPGs out there. My hope for this podcast is to introduce listeners to some of the great games that are out there that aren’t the world’s most popular tabletop RPG, and if we can help entertain while introducing these games, even better. Thanks for listening to our show!

  Travis: I like anime and my truck.



Brad: An actual penguin named Brad who owns The Book Garden, one of central Vermont’s premier destinations for books, comics, and games. Personal heroes: Emperor Palpatine, Mr. Burns, Michael Scott, and of course THE Penguin…



Becky: Cat-obsessed baker whose interests lie in gaming, cryptids, spooky shit, and cute animals. Also co-owner of The Book Garden. Also married to a penguin named Brad who is the Owner of The Book Garden.



A shy wood nymph that replicates her preferred environment with excessive amounts of house plants and cursed knick-knacks. Carina finds solace in her petite black cat Jasmine, and mythic lore. You will either find her in a nest of blankets playing Animal Crossing or casting unsuccessful spells upon foes.



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